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Using OpenOffice to Create and Edit Content on your Site

August 22, 2014

Using OpenOffice to Create and Edit Content on your Site

When you are coming up with content for your site, one of the best programs to use is OpenOffice. This is a program that allows you to create and edit content. To get the program, you can visit OpenOffice.org and choose the latest version. When downloading the program, you need to select the operating system and language that you prefer.

There are various advantages that you get from using OpenOffice.org. One of the advantages of using the site is that you are not required to pay any licensing fees. Anybody can use the site and a majority of the features that are offered are available at no extra cost.

With the OpenOffice program you modify, distribute and copy it as many times as you want because it is open source software. This program also works well with different hardware architectures and operating systems. You can use OpenOffice with Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows.

The OpenOffice program is available in a variety of languages and it offers a thesaurus, dictionary, hyphenation and spelling. It also offers support for different layout languages and Complex Text Layout.

The user interface that is available on the OpenOffice program is very friendly and this makes it easy for users to apply the interface. Another advantage of using this software is that a majority of its components, including the spell checker and other tools, are consistent and therefore very easy to use.

The program allows you to save your files in different formats including Lotus 123 formats, WordPerfect, XML, Microsoft Office and HTML.

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