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September 16, 2014

The 3 Programming Languages you Need to Learn

Whether you’re designing websites or software applications, just starting your career or are a veteran, it’s important to diversify your knowledge of programming languages. While in the past it was possible to maintain a long career by specializing in one language, things have since changed. Programming languages evolved just as fast the technology they create as computers become more and more powerful.┬áLearning multiple languages will provide you the ability to work on more projects and adapt to future script advances, which will ensure your skills are relevant in the fluctuating job market.

One of the most-widely used programming languages is PHP. It is highly compatible for developing websites as it can be inserted into HTML pages, which makes it an essential language to have in your repertoire. In addition, it is a popular language for creating apps for devices like smartphones and tablets. Another crucial language to be familiar with is C#, the programming language of Microsoft. It is the latest rendition of C and C++, and is required learning for anyone using Microsoft technology. Lastly, another Web-oriented programming language to learn is JavaScript. Like PHP, it is used in millions of websites because it can be embedded into HTML, detect browsers, build cookies and validate forms.

There are many different types of programming languages in use, each one necessary for thousands of computer jobs. Don’t sell yourself short by concentrating on learning only one. If you expand your fluency in languages, you will benefit not only in the current job market, but also the one in the future.