April 23, 2014

PHP: One of the Most Popular Languages

In the computer industry, there are many types of codes, program languages, and loads of jargon. One of the most commonly used, open-source programming languages is PHP, a versatile script. PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, came about in the mid 1990s and was initially design to create better websites. Currently, it’s the most popular scripting language in the industry.

PHP can be used with virtually any operating system, from Windows and Linux to Mac OS X and RISC OS. PHP is often integrated in command line interface, server-side scripting, and desktop applications. PHP’s ability to be implanted into HTML is the root of its immense popularity. The latest version of PHP is dependable and used in other programming modes like Java.

PHP is compatible with many different platforms. It boasts many design features developed specifically for website use. PHP can heighten a website’s security by initiating a sign-in process in which all users must have a valid username and password. Placing such a feature on your website can be easy, as PHP brings up the HTML sign-in form and processes the information users enter. Sign-in features are also an outstanding method of becoming familiar with all your customer’s profiles.

PHP development continues to reach new heights rather quickly because of PHP’s numerous advantages. With its open source availability, PHP has more developers working on its code than other closed source programs. PHP’s speed allows websites to be processed and loaded quickly, and its compatibility with so many operating systems makes it a highly desirable programming language.

Along with its ability to create vibrant web pages, PHP also has hosting capabilities. Companies that offer PHP hosting offer this option as a way for you to create and use relational databases and e-commerce applications. As a language that’s extensively used, PHP is sure to remain at the top of the industry.

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